Northern Health
  The Northern Hospital Paediatric Emergency Department is an accredited training site for Paediatric Emergency (JCT-PEM) and for Acute Paediatrics (RACP). We have recently expanded our team and are seeking applicants that can start immediately or in August 2019. The position is suitable for trainees in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Advanced trainees in General Paediatrics. As an accredited site, ACEM trainees completing 6 months in the department are not required to complete a logbook. Northern Health provides a comprehensive service to a diverse and growing paediatric community. We work closely with our inpatient paediatric medical and surgical units and are supported by a newly developed paediatric High Dependancy Unit. This position is an excellent opportunity for trainees looking to gain experience in Paediatric Emergency in a non tertiary setting, that is well supported by Paediatric Emergency Physicians. Full time or part time applicants are welcome to apply. Applications have now opened for the 2020 training year as well.
Northern Health The Northern Hospital, Cooper Street, Epping VIC, Australia Full time