SecMedic P/L

Provider of pre-hospital emergency medical at events which include festivals, sports and occupation.

SecMedic is a provider of pre-hospital care at events including festivals, sporting events and community gatherings.  We are looking for Consultant, Trainee's (ACEM) to join our exciting team and experience out of hospital emergency care. SecMedic is based in Melbourne and we work across Australia to provide emergency medical care at festival and events in remote locations.  The work is fast-paced at times and our crew of CCRN, RN, Paramedics and First Responders are working alongside to support the clinical care of patrons and patients. This environment is ideally suited to medical professionals who are looking to advance their scope of practice to include pre-hospital environment.  As we work across multiple States and the regulatory requirements sometimes differ, some States offer the opportunity for Senior Registrars to adopt the role of clinical lead while other States require all roles to work under the direction of a Consultant.  Pre-hospital care is a growing field...
SecMedic P/L Remote (Melbourne VIC, Australia) Seasonal