NYC Medics

NYCMedics is a New York based global disaster relief and health organization, specializing in the deployment of highly trained and motivated clinical and global health staff and volunteers in the wake of natural disasters and complex emergencies.  Founded in 2006 in response to the devastating Southeast Asia Earthquake, NYCMedics has repeatedly and consistently been among the first to respond to large scale international disasters.

Since our start in 2006, NYCMedics has grown from our founding team of 13 volunteers to the expansive international organization and infrastructure that exists today with a network of over 350 volunteer medical professionals, a small but dedicated staff, and a board of directors. We have expanded our programs to include prehospital systems development and have worked in Kenya, El Salvador and Iraq to improve infrastructure and access to local Emergency Medical Systems in the hopes of increasing the availability and quality of essential services.

To date we have been able to help over 38,000 people in need worldwide thanks to our commitment to our mission and values to provide help to otherwise inaccessible populations in-need through efficient and effective use of resources.