Elective Recruitment

We are experts in building unique and varied career pathways for doctors, medical directors and healthcare professionals.

Elective Recruitment is a person-centred recruitment consultancy. Your career progression is just as important to us as is your wellbeing and work-life balance. We are acutely aware of the rising statistics identifying job dissatisfaction, stress, burnout and mental illness in the healthcare sector, and this concerns us.

We are not just another recruitment company; we do things our way and we consult. We have a very clear vision: create great careers, better lifestyles, add value - and we won’t stop until this is achieved.

We work tirelessly to listen, care, empower and help you dream big to design a healthcare career you love to live. We believe that collaboration, getting things done with integrity and working towards a common goal is the best way to partner with you and make an impact.

By joining the Elective community you will receive career coaching, access to our deep knowledge of the Australian healthcare industry, our network of healthcare related educators and partners, our migration and regulatory advisor, and our relationships with public and private healthcare clients that have been established since 2008.

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