NT Health - Central Australian Retrieval Service

The Central Australian Retrieval Service covers an area of 1.6 million square kilometres from Alice Springs, performing both adult and paediatric retrievals with a full spectrum of clinical presentations including sepsis, major trauma, obstetrics and mental health. 

$108,630 - $175,708 yearly
If you are looking for a unique, exciting and challenging role whilst working in some of the most remote locations in Australia, then you should join us at the Central Australian Retrieval Service! 6 month full time positions - 1 available in February 2022 and 2 in August 2022. The Central Australian Retrieval Service covers an area of 1.6 million square kilometres and performs 800 fixed wing and road retrievals per year (28% critical care) , ranging from pre-hospital primary missions to long distance (1500km) critical care inter-hospital transfers. The combination of pathology and geography presents a unique challenge.  You will see some of the most interesting and challenging medicine in Australia, including: Severe sepsis  in both adults and children requiring commencement of critical care treatment in remote nurse-only clinics before transport.   Major t rau ma, including multi-casualty motor vehicle accidents on remote highways....
NT Health - Central Australian Retrieval Service Alice Springs NT, Australia Full time