NT Health - Central Australian Retrieval Service

The Central Australian Retrieval Service covers an area of 1.6 million square kilometres from Alice Springs, performing both adult and paediatric retrievals with a full spectrum of clinical presentations including sepsis, major trauma, obstetrics and mental health. 

$108,630 - $175,708 yearly
If you are looking for a unique, exciting and challenging role whilst working in some of the most remote locations in Australia, then join us at the Central Australian Retrieval Service! Limited opportunities for August 23 as well opportunities commencing February and August 2024. The Central Australian Retrieval Service covers an area of 1.6 million square kilometres and performs 800 fixed wing and road retrievals per year (28% critical care), ranging from pre-hospital primary missions to long distance critical care inter-hospital transfers. The combination of pathology and geography presents a unique challenge. You will see some of the most interesting and challenging medicine in Australia, including: Severe sepsis in both adults and children requiring commencement of critical care treatment in remote nurse only clinics before transport. Major trauma, including multi-casualty motor vehicle accidents on remote highways. Complex medical patients...
NT Health - Central Australian Retrieval Service Alice Springs Hospital, Gap Road, The Gap NT, Australia Full time