Mount Isa Hospital
  • Mount Isa QLD, Australia

With a catchment 10% bigger than the size of Victoria, Mount Isa Hospital now offers a superb rural term for building breadth of experience and practical exposure.  The hospital is a Level 4 Specialist Service Base Hospital with a total of 80 beds.  Our purpose built, 13 bed ED, and 3 bed short stay sees 29,000 patients a year, 25% of whom are paediatric, and 40%  of whom are indigenous.  Our patients come from remote communities, both in Queensland and the Northern Territory, mine sites as well patients living in Mt Isa and the surrounding towns.  Mount Isa Hospital  has general medicine, general surgery, paediatrics, O&G, mental health, and palliative care units.  We work closely with RFDS with some of our doctors working for both.  

Practical acute medicine -  We are a small team that emphasises practical skills. With no sub-specialty units, procedures such as fracture reduction, relocations or lysis are done by ourselves, with support from a tertiary referral centre approximately 950km away. We do our own sedations, insert the required tubes and lines for those going to our HDU and maintain the very sick until transfer. Our SMO team run the Met calls for the hospital and assist inpatient teams with procedures as required. Your exposure to all aspects of acute medicine will rarely be this good again. Casemix - The case mix of our region clearly demonstrates that we have the coolest patients in the country. Rheumatic fever, septic arthritis, congenital heart disease, as well as all manner of injuries and infections are numerous. Trauma is common. Our patients can be very resilient, surviving remarkable lengths of time without lifesaving therapies and walking in on septic joints. Accredited for...
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