Hauora Tairawhiti

This is our kaupapa; what our organisation is working towards, the driving force behind all we do.

Hauora Tairāwhiti Values

Whakarangatira/enrich - Enriching the health of our community by doing our very best.

Awhi/support - Supporting our turoro/patients their whanau/families, our community partners and each other.

Kotahitanga/togetherness - Together we can achieve more.

Aroha/compassion - Empathy, we care for people and people want to be cared for by us.

Our values form the acronym WAKA. They reflect our past while guiding us on our journey to create a healthier Tairāwhiti by working together.

The waka is a symbol of the Tairāwhiti region. It reflects our voyaging heritage and is woven into our landscape through whakapapa, customs and practices.

Our legends include Maui fishing up Te Ika a Maui (North Island) on the waka/canoe Nukutaimemeha followed by the arrival of Paoa on the Horouta canoe and Tamatea Arikinui on the Takitimu canoe. Centuries later the scientific explorer James Cook arrived on the Endeavour.

Recognising our waka heritage reminds us of the tenacity and teamwork required to overcome challenges; it inspires us towards success.