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  • Idyllic locations across NSW
Contractor Health Care

Job Description

Sick of the locum merry-go-round?

Opportunities exist for doctors to take advantage of our full time, part time and FIFO placements.

Become a valued member of the team and reap the rewards!

Our benefits include:

  • Outstanding earning potential ($1800 - $2350 per day)
  • Idyllic locations across NSW
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • On-site support from healthcare professionals
  • Accommodation and travel 

MDA supports Doctors

Medical Directions Australia (MDA) is a leading provider of innovative & lifestyle approved employment solutions for doctors. MDA manage contracts, payments, clinical interface, governance and logistics, which allows doctors to concentrate on delivering high quality patient care.

We tailor your work to meet your professional needs and lifestyle. 

For more information contact:

 Karen Flinn on 0407 789 499 or email [email protected]

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