Pre-Hospital Retrieval Registrars, Alice Springs Hospital.

$120 - $160 yearly
  • Central Australian Retrieval Service
  • Alice Springs Hospital, The Gap NT, Australia
Full time Health Care

Job Description

Step outside of your comfort zone. More than a job, the Central Australian Retrieval service offers a unique experience in a different culture, where YOU make a difference every day.

6 months in Retrieval Medicine (Full Time). Positions available from August 2019.

 The opportunity to put your clinical skills to the test in a resource-limited setting exists right here!

 See our website: www.centralaustralianretrieval.com.au

The com­bi­na­tion of pathol­o­gy and geog­ra­phy presents a unique chal­lenge, and our retrieval doc­tors need to be able to man­age a broad range of crit­i­cal ill­ness in a remote envi­ron­ment. The one ser­vice cov­ers all age groups and presentations. 

 Tele­phone advice is avail­able from the retrieval con­sul­tants, who work close­ly with inten­sive care, pae­di­atric and obstet­ric spe­cial­ists as required. 

 In 6 months, you are like­ly to under­take around 60-80 cas­es, including:

  • Lots of severe sep­sis, includ­ing patients requir­ing crit­i­cal inter­ven­tions such as intubation.
  • Up to 20% pae­di­atric patients, pre­dom­i­nant­ly with res­pi­ra­to­ry, GI tract and soft tis­sue infections.
  • Trau­ma — such as motor vehi­cle acci­dents on remote highways.
  • Missed dial­y­sis with pul­monary oede­ma / hyperkalaemia.
  • Car­diac dis­ease — such as acute coro­nary syn­dromes, rheumat­ic heart dis­ease and valvu­lar disease.
  • Obstet­ric emer­gen­cies such pre­ma­ture labour.
  • Psy­chi­atric and behav­iour­al emer­genices requir­ing seda­tion for safe transport.

 You will also be respon­si­ble for the inter-hos­pi­tal trans­fer of patients to ter­tiary ser­vices with defin­i­tive care options such as angiog­ra­phy, neu­ro­surgery or cardiothoracics.

 You will also be provided with the unique opportunity to work alongside Medical Retrieval Consultants in the coordination centre. Working for a retrieval service that feeds into a single hospital provides you with the opportunity to follow the entire patient journey; from the first point of contact by phone, through retrieval to hospital admission and discharge.


You must be an advanced trainee, preferably in the last two years of a critical care training programme (ACEM, CICM, ANZCA, ACCRM).

  • Desirable experience of 6 months in an Emergency Department, 6 months in an Intensive Care Unit, and 3 months in Anaesthetics.
  •  The ability to be the clinical lead, working with a flight nurse or paramedic, providing critical care to patients in remote settings. Advice on management will be available by telephone via the Medical Retrieval and Coordination Centre.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills are required. You will need the ability to work in complex cross cultural environments.
  •  The role of medical retrieval co-ordination fellow is available to practitioners with 6 or more months of retrieval experience.

Alice Springs is in a beautiful and unique part of the world with good schools, an accepting and multicultural community, eclectic arts and entertainment, as well as many sporting opportunities. All within a backyard that many travel across the world to see and experience. It is a regional town of approximately 27000 people nestled between East and West MacDonnell Ranges. Blue skies prevail most of the year making it the perfect base for mountain biking, hiking and camping enthusiasts. Highlights of the social calendar include the annual Beanie Festival, Ingkerreke Mountain Bike Enduro, Camel Cup, and various arts and music festivals including The Desert Festival and Wide Open Space.

Remuneration will be in accordance with the current NT OCPE EBA negotiations

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