ED registrars, including anaesthetics and ultrasound STP

$130,000 - $290,000 yearly
  • The Townsville University Hospital
  • Townsville University Hospital: Emergency Department, Angus Smith Drive, Douglas QLD, Australia
Full time Health Care

Job Description

2025 RMO campaign ED registrar and SHO positions, including ACCRM and RACGP trainees completing ED AST

Emergency medicine registrars and PHOs. Come and join us working in an energetic, social and dynamic emergency multidisciplinary team, with exposure to all facets of emergency medicine, including tropical medicine and indigenous health specific to North Queensland. Townsville University Hospital Emergency Department (ED) is the only tertiary ED in the northern half of Queensland, accredited for 24 months ACEM training.  We have fulltime and fractional positions available, 6 to 24 month contracts and flexible rosters written around your training and individual needs.

We provide care for >90000 patient presentations per year, seeing the full range of ED patients – medical, surgical, trauma, toxicology and toxinology, paediatrics to geriatrics. 

We have 40 FACEMs (fulltime and fractional) in our ED with a variety of interests and special skills including, trauma, retrieval medicine, clinical coordination, ultrasound, education and simulation training, research, paediatrics (PEMs), geriatrics, hyperbaric and dive medicine, defence medicine, international emergency medicine, medical law, mentoring, workforce wellbeing, gender diversity, leadership and management.  We are keen to support and mentor you in your ED training.

We offer accredited training positions for ACEM trainees, ACCRM and RACGP trainees completing ED advanced skill training (ED AST) and support completion of the emergency medicine certificate and diploma (EMCD). External rotations available to our trainees include ICU, PICU, anaesthetics, ultrasound, with options for medical administration, hyperbaric medicine, rural health, and general medicine. 

We have 3 DEMTs for 40 trainees, a fortnightly 8 hour day teaching program attended by our SMOs, registrars, PHOs, residents and physician assistants, covering the ACEM syllabus across the duration of the year with guest presenters from inpatient services and regular simulation training.  Trainees sitting primary and fellowship examinations have a separate dedicated training program tailored to the needs of those sitting the exams at the time.


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