Emergency Medicine - Consultant and Senior Registrar

  • SecMedic P/L
  • New South Wales, Australia
Seasonal Health Care

Job Description

SecMedic is a provider of emergency medical care at festivals, sporting event and in remote workplaces across Australia.  We're looking for Consultant and Senior Reg professionals to join our team in Vic, NSW and QLD.

Pre-hospital is a growing area of health and our medical team love the opportunity to deliver exceptional medical care outside of the hospital emergency room.  This environment also offers the opportunity to actively liaise with all roles within emergency care.  Our doctors inspire and encourage and provide quality care at all times.

Pre-hospital includes significant differences to hospital care and this is why we specifically look for the highest level of emergency medical training to support what we do.  At no time is safety ever a compromise.  The main difference is how we bring the team together.  Most of our team including our critical care nursing hold roles in tertiary hospitals and paramedics are with jurisdictional ambulance services.  The transition into event emergency medicine is not immediate and it takes time.  When they are in the role they thrive as it is like no other workplace.

Our business offers access to continuous professional development, even for our casual staff.  ALS2 training and other core refresher courses are part of the role.

If you'd like to try your hand at something different, send across a CV to [email protected]

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