ACEM Registrars for Specialised Posts in Emergency Department, Lyell McEwin Hospital, SA

$103,223 - $167,562 yearly
  • SA Health - Northern Adelaide Local Health Network
  • Lyell McEwin Hospital: Emergency Department, Haydown Road, Elizabeth Vale SA, Australia
Full time Health Care

Job Description


Emergency Department Trainee – Ultrasound Registrar

Emergency Department Trainee – Simulation Registrar

Emergency Department Trainee – Paediatric ED Registrar

About Us:

Join our Emergency Department at Lyell McEwin Hospital, situated in vibrant metropolitan Adelaide. As a state-of-the-art facility, we offer comprehensive Medical and Surgical specialties, including ICU, Anaesthesia, Interventional Cardiology, OBG, and Paediatrics. Our hospital is equipped with cutting-edge technology, great infrastructure, and excellent supervision, ensuring that we're at the forefront of Emergency Medicine.

Our team prides itself on its diverse and inclusive culture, where every voice is heard, and every team member is valued. We offer clear paths for career advancement, with mentorship programs and opportunities for progression. Our flexible rostering options allow you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We believe in building a strong community within our department.

What we offer:

Consultant Team:

Expert Guidance: Our consultant team is a diverse group of highly skilled professionals with special interests in various fields such as toxicology, ultrasound, and as college examiners. Their multifaceted expertise ensures that you'll benefit from well-rounded, world-class guidance and mentorship.

Educational Program:

Our department is accredited for ACEM training for up to 24 months of advanced training.

Comprehensive Training: Our robust educational program is designed to support your professional development. We offer regular workshops, case discussions, and journal reviews, among other learning opportunities.

Protected Teaching Times: We prioritize education by offering protected teaching times specifically for our non-Consultant medical staff, ensuring focused, uninterrupted learning.

Flexible ACEM Rotations: We are able to negotiate ACEM-accredited rotations through our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Anaesthesia departments, providing you with a well-rounded and comprehensive training experience.

Working Hours:

38 Hours/week: We offer a balanced work schedule with 38 hours per week, allowing for a fulfilling professional life while accommodating personal commitments.

Working Conditions:

All positions are a combined 0.5 FTE in Emergency Department + 0.5 FTE in one of the following specialised roles:

-          Ultrasound - 6 months 0.5 FTE US position

-          Simulation- 1 year 0.5 FTE Sim position

-          Paediatrics- 6 months 0.5 FTE Paediatric registrar

Ultrasound Registrar

The Ultrasound Special Skills post at LMH is in place with a primary goal to enhance a trainee’s skills and knowledge in clinician performed point of care ultrasound.  The post is typically held over 6 calendar months and involves half of the trainee’s time being spent in ultrasound training and half participating as a General Emergency Medicine Trainee.

The Ultrasound Trainee typically achieves proficiency in the “core” modules of EFAST, AAA, FELS, lung and procedural needle guidance.  The trainee is encouraged to complete the CCPU in these modules during the term, but this is not mandatory.  A research/quality improvement project is also expected during the term, often with poster publication at an appropriate conference.

Trainees who have already achieved core competency and certification, also have the opportunity to use the term to further enhance their ultrasound skills in most emergency applications including, but not limited to, vascular assessment, more comprehensive echocardiography, 1st trimester, ocular, regional analgesia, full abdominal scanning, musculoskeletal and soft tissue assessment. Training and guidance towards the managerial aspects of ultrasound including core medical informatics is also provided.

Simulation Registrar

The Simulation Medicine Fellowship comprises 0.5 FTE in Simulation Based Education in Adelaide Health Simulation, an accredited ACEM Specialist Skills Term at The University of Adelaide, and 0.5 FTE as a Trainee Medical Officer in the speciality training program of their choice within NALHN. The 0.5 FTE Simulation teaching role is undertaken in Adelaide Health Simulation at The University of Adelaide where the Simulation Medicine Fellow will contribute to the education of undergraduate and postgraduate clinicians (Nursing, Medicine and Health Science) suitable to their development as a Simulation Facilitator.

The Simulation Fellow will be expected to undertake a year-long research or equivalent scholarly project with the goal of publication and/or implementation. Support from Adelaide Health Simulation research lead is available.  

Paediatric ED Registrar

The Paediatric ED Registrar will be responsible for providing high-quality emergency medical care to paediatric patients. This role offers excellent training opportunities, including the ability to complete the paediatric logbook requirements for ACEM Fellowship Training.

Key Responsibilities:

Assessment, diagnosis, and management of paediatric emergencies

Supervision and teaching of junior medical staff and students.

Participation in departmental audits, research, and quality improvement activities.

Maintenance of accurate medical records.

Effective liaison with other healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive patient care.

Educational Opportunities:

ACEM Logbook: This position offers the opportunity to complete all paediatric logbook requirements for ACEM Fellowship Training.

Dedicated Paediatric Teaching: Participation in focussed paediatric emergency medicine education through weekly tutorials, workshops, and case discussions. Active involvement in paediatric emergency research and educational activities.

Benefits and Incentives of working in LMH:

Serving a population with significant cultural and linguistic diversity as well as socio-economic challenges, provides a truly interesting and diverse learning experience.  

Opportunities for professional development in a patient-focused department.

A robust focus on safety and quality.

Salary Sacrifice: opt into a salary sacrificing arrangement to maximize your take-home pay.

Relocation Expenses: We provide a relocation package to assist with the cost of moving for eligible candidates.

Family Carers Leave: Our supportive policy ensures that you have leave available for family care responsibilities.

Flexible Roster: Enjoy a work-life balance with 10-hour shifts, limited to a maximum of 8 shifts per fortnight.

Professional Development and Exam Leave: Benefit from 10 days of professional development/examination leave to attend courses, conferences, or workshops. Take advantage of examination leave to help you prepare for and sit your professional exams.

Professional Development Allowance: Receive $8,500 annual professional development allowance for courses, conferences, or further study.

Why Adelaide?`

Cultural Hub: Enjoy a rich cultural scene with festivals, music, art, and a growing food and wine culture.

Affordable Living: Experience a high standard of living without the sky-high costs associated with other major cities.

Outdoor Lifestyle: From stunning beaches to scenic parks, Adelaide offers an array of outdoor activities.

Education: High-quality educational institutions make it an ideal location for families.

Accessibility: With less traffic and excellent public transport, everything in Adelaide is just a short commute away.

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