Special Skills Post - Medical Education Cairns Hospital

  • Cairns Hospital
  • Cairns Hospital: Emergency Department, Esplanade, Cairns North QLD, Australia
Full time Education Health Care Training

Job Description

Cairns Hospital Emergency Department encourages eligible ACEM trainees to apply for the position of Medical Education registrar working with a dedicated FACEM group to deliver a coordinated education package to colleagues, junior medical staff and medical students.  The position offers an opportunity to gain the understanding of major educational theories, gain skills in delivery of effective feedback, and be involved in clinical supervision of junior doctors.  The trainees will expand their knowledge and skills in methods of education delivery, evaluate those educational activities and develop simulation-based education skills.  There is available FTE from August 2023 with options to be full-time, fractional or have FTE shared across a clinical post.  Interested trainees (TS2+) should email for more information.

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