Advanced Trainee/Senior Registrars/Fellow Paediatric Emergency Medicine 2020

$108,012 - $125,231 yearly
  • The Prince Charles Hospital
  • The Prince Charles Hospital, Rode Road, Chermside QLD, Australia
Full time Health Care

Job Description

This successful applicant will carry out the following key accountabilities in accordance with the Metro North values and the corresponding Lominger™ competencies shown above in this role description:

 Senior Registrars/Registrars will be expected to perform the clinical duties expected of any other Advanced ACEM trainee with regard to individual patient management. An Senior Registrar/Registrar is under the supervision of the Emergency medicine consultant allocated on the shift.

 In addition to their usual duties, the Senior Registrar/Registrar will be expected to demonstrate an increased responsibility within their designated clinical area, such as:

  •  Children's acute area:      Helping to manage children, early senior review as well as supervising more junior staff and performing or supervising procedural sedations.
  • Children's Resus area:     Taking a more senior role in the management of critically unwell patients, including teaching medical and nursing staff critical care skills.
  • Blue Zone: Responsibility for the management of patient flow within this area, supervising more junior staff and performing any procedures necessary.
  • CSSU: Responsibility for taking handover at 07:00 from night registrars, review and discharge early ward round and subsequent referrals.


Non-Clinical Duties

 Each Senior Registrar/Registrar will be given one or more non-clinical portfolios to manage over a 6-month period. Each portfolio will be under the supervision of a consultant and the trainee will be expected to issue a report of their activities by the end of the 6 months. They will have dedicated and protected time rostered to allow for the provision of these duties. Non-clinical time is not to be used for exam preparation.


Suggested portfolios include, but are not limited to:

 In Situ simulation: help to coordinate/allocate SRs to run CED in situ sim every Tuesday afternoon (Program already been prepared).

 Children ED Roster: help the current emergency specialist allocated to CED rostering to roster and trouble shot any rostering issues.

 Quality & Safety/ M&M: help in CED quality and safety improvement with CED and running children services M&M sessions once every 3 months.

 Resident assessments: help in gathering and delivering resident assessment and feedback within CED.

 Resident education: help in coordinating/allocating SRs and Staff specialists to deliver afternoon RMO education sessions (Program already been prepared)

 Medical student teaching: help in delivering some weekly sessions to 3rd and 4th year medical students.

 Radiology education: help to liaise with Paediatic radiologist to run weekly radiology teaching sessions to junior staffs.

 CED projects: involve in any new innovative projects to improve patients journey and quality& safety within CED.


 The Senior Registrar/Registrar will be rostered on the children ED junior staff roster.

 Senior Registrars/Registrars rostered on an Evening shift will work from 2pm to midnight.

There will be non-clinical time allocated to evening SRs during weekdays

(Monday-Friday). This will be between 2:00pm and 4:30pm.

 Evening Senior Registrars/Registrars will take hand over from morning Senior Registrar/Registrar during that period and then attend handover and complete their clinical shift. The later finish will allow for more provision of clinical duties to help relieve the burden of the Night staff.

 There will not always be non-clinical time on an evening shift particularly if there is no senior registrar on the day shift. Some of this time will have teaching duties attached.

 The Senior Registrar/Registrar should report to the day CED consultant on arrival and will be contactable at all times if clinical duties required.

 The Senior Registrar/Registrar will be rostered for Night shifts as per the staffing requirements of the CED. It is anticipated that this would be less than other registrars but can’t be guaranteed.

All rostering and non-clinical time can be reviewed at any time dependant on departmental needs.


 The Senior Registrar/Registrar will be assessed by the Directors of Emergency Medicine Training, as per all ACEM trainees. Their non-clinical portfolios will be under the governance of individual consultants within the ED, specific to the relevant non-clinical area and reported to both the director of clinical services and directors of Emergency Medicine Training.

 Contact:  Dr Alaa Ibrahim -  07 3139 6285

 Closing Date:  25 July 2019

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