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  • Frankston Hospital, Hastings Road, Frankston VIC, Australia
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Job Description

Calling Emergency Physicians 2022

Peninsula Health is currently recruiting Emergency Medicine Consultants for December 2022 through to December 2023.

Duties associated with this position will include provision of consultant care with the model of care in the Emergency Departments at Peninsula Health, supervision of registrars and junior medical staff in the Department and acting as Department Supervisor on a rostered basis. The successful appointee will participate in the on-call, evening and weekend roster. The successful candidate may have a University appointment to the Monash University through the Clinical School located on the Frankston Campus.

Attendance at department meetings is required. The successful candidate is expected to participate in Department audits and various working parties that exist within the Department and throughout Peninsula Health as a delegate of the Department of Emergency Medicine


Position description

  • A high standard of clinical care and a demonstrated interest in clinical research is required 
  • Have proven clinical experience at a senior level with the management of paediatric patients.
  • The ability to work in a multidiscipline team within and external to the Department will be expected of the successful candidate.
  • The successful candidate will have a yearly performance appraised as the anniversary of commencement occurs. This shall include documentation of the candidate’s scope of practice.
  • The successful candidate will maintain their credentialing with respect to CME  (ACEM)
  • The advice of the Clinical Director should be sought in the first instance for all matters relating to the Department.
  • The ability to explore new initiatives and models of patient care and be committed to evaluation of these models on a best practice basis.

To apply, visit the Peninsula Health website at: www.peninsulahealth.org.au Reference Number- 31618.

Alternatively, please call or email and we can refer you to the advertisement.

Shivnesh Ram

Email: sram@phcn.vic.gov.au

Phone – 9784 1690


Mornington Peninsula

Frankston is 42 km or less than 1 hour drive from the City centre and is the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula. This popular holiday destination has beautiful beaches, calm waters in the bay, surf beaches, wineries, golf courses, etc.

Peninsula Health

It is a major teaching and referral centre with over 360 beds. The ED has access to a comprehensive range of acute medical, surgical, geriatric, psychiatric, obstetric, gynaecological and paediatric services on site. All the major imaging modalities are on site.

Peninsula Health is affiliated with Monash University Medical School and its vision is to be recognised as an employer of choice and a leader in promoting and providing quality, innovative, coordinated and personalised health service.

The Department of Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Department currently sees over 70,000 patients per annum with 25% paediatric presentations. The admission rate is about 40%, with high acuity presentations.

There are currently 45 consultants working in the Emergency Department across both sites including 3 ACEM examiners.

Peninsula Health Emergency Medicine has a strong educational program and is accredited by ACEM for 2 years of Advance Vocational training at Frankston ED, while Rosebud ED is accredited by ACEM for 6 months. Both EDs are well staffed by FACEMs, Trainees, HMOs and Interns.

Thank you.

Position description

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