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Creating Pae Ora | Healthy Futures for all New Zealanders is a bold and courageous goal. For us to be successful we need a talented team of people with diverse skills, working across thousands of different roles, in locations throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand.

From corporate support roles, to front-line clinical positions delivering quality healthcare services to diverse communities across our motu, there are endless opportunities to join us and help create a better health service for us all.

Doctors - New Zealand: World Class Training and a great lifestyle Applications open in New Zealand on 12 May and close at 5pm on 9 June 2023 All opportunities advertised on careers.tewhatuora.govt.nz 18 hospitals approved for emergency medicine training throughout New Zealand New Zealand: where you have access to technology, training programmes and lifestyle!  New Zealand: where you can advance your career in a variety of Emergency Medicine departments and regions throughout the country.  From Southland to Whangarei, eighteen hospitals are approved for emergency medicine training.  All Districts and their regions have something to offer.  While some offer regional rural experience, others offer urban district or major referral experience. Don’t miss out on applying and being selected for the 2024 training year. Get your application in from 12 May 2023.  Don’t miss out, as applications close at 5pm on 9 June 2023. The training programme Each...
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