Central Australian Retrieval Service

The Central Australian Retrieval Service provides transport for emergency and critical care presentations to remote communities in the 1.6 milion square kilometer catchment area of Alice Springs Hospital. We provide care for the full spectrum of presentations; birth, paediatrics, trauma, psychiatry and medical presentations.  

$148,037 - $175,708 yearly
6 months in Retrieval Medicine (Full Time). Positions available from August 2021 and ongoing. If you are looking for a unique, exciting and challenging role whilst working in some of the most remote locations in Australia, then you should consider a position with the Central Australian Retrieval Service! We are currently accredited for the retrieval portion of the Diploma in Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine. The com­bi­na­tion of pathol­o­gy and geog­ra­phy presents a unique chal­lenge. Our retrieval doc­tors man­age a broad range of crit­i­cal ill­ness in remote environments on a daily basis. The one ser­vice cov­ers all age groups and presentations.  Although our flight doctors are often providing medical treatments 100’s of kilometres away from Alice Spring Hospital they are never alone. Tele­phone support is provided by hospital based retrieval con­sul­tants whose backgrounds vary and include FACEMs, CICIMs and FACRRMs (with  critical care subspecialties) and...
Central Australian Retrieval Service Alice Springs NT, Australia Full time